Research & Analysis

Research is the base of our work. We analyze the problem from our client involving our business development team to collect insight and solutions from business point of view. We also collect ideas of activity, procedure, method, technique to determine what must be done and how the operation may be best accomplished, by applying appropriate deep technology techniques.

Software Product Design

Software product development involves a crucial set of activities that differs from normal software project development activities in many ways. We can help you to analyze,conceptualization, designing, creating technical design for the product and release the final product to market.

Software Development

Exaditama can solve your project problem with our expert team. We help our client to build web, mobile and applications for their business. We offer software development services as your business needs to improve your business.

Support & Maintenance

After a few and pretty long and detailed step, now it’s time for our customer to revel in celebration. Products can finally be launched after the alpha beta testing! It is a regular thing that a newly launched software will run into problem like having bugs. Here in Exaditama, we are ready to fix and do a quick-repair job for to resolve functionality issues, improve security and add new features.
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